BLYJONESING is an online platform established by Baily Jones, in 2015.
The concept for BLYJONESING came about after years of toing and froing with the idea of creating a fashion blog. It wasn’t until Bailey started her Bachelor/Honours degree in Fashion Design at RMIT that she decided it would be beneficial to have an outlet for her work both in school and outside of it.

Fast forward to now and Bailey has had experience interning for publications such as Chronicles of Her and Fashion Journal Magazine. She is continuing her studies at RMIT, with a special interest in styling, writing and concept building.

The website has had an incredible upgrade since its launch, thanks to the help of Daniel Haim. This new space places a larger emphasis on music, film, editorial, and feature articles – as well as the more standard ‘blog’ style content seen earlier on BLY JONESING.

In the future, Bailey hopes for BLYJONESING to be a space to immerse oneself in fashion, music, and art as well as learn about fashions role in social and environmental spheres.