La Città Di Roma

Girl goes Rome.

It should be noted that I spent more time traveling to Rome than I did actually staying in Rome. Though the 27 hours of flying is definitely worth it for the 6 weeks I have ahead of me. Driving through the outskirts of Rome in the Summer – fresh orchards and many sporting arenas, like a residue cast by the Olympic legacy.

We drove through a part of Rome I had not yet been through, almost like the backstreets of the tourists main drag. It wasn’t until we passed the Altare Della Patria that I could pinpoint where we were. From there it was just a 2 minute ride until reaching our apartment. Down the peach toned alleyway I could see the Colluseum, framed by the billowing foliage hanging from power lines.

Four flights of stairs and three doors unlocked later, we arrived in our obscure little confines. Though the height was worth it when retreating to the rooftop, where we could be onlookers of the social gathering that happened below at the Piazza. The Europeans ceretainly know how to take lemons and turn it into limoncello, as they circumvent their confined spaces by existing outdoors in the city’s summer.

Whenever I visit a place I like to fantasise about what it might be like to live there. And I must say, I can see myself in Rome. Well at least the seriously improved version who drives a Vespa, has a deep bronze tan and a dog named Puccino. I love the jovial Italian middle aged men, who yell out to friends crossing the Piazza and always gesture emphatically. I love the women with big gold hoop earrings and flowing skirts walking through tree lined parks with their friends or enjoying a glass of wine in the afternoon. And furthermore I love how quickly one can get to the Amalfi Coast, which is just a two hour journey away. And with that, I leave you to board my train to Positano. Ciao for now.

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