State of Undress

Full disclosure, this is not me.

  • Creative Direction by Bailey Jones.
  • Photography by Alicia Harrison.
  • Model Bailey Jones.
  • Styling by Bailey Jones.

Full disclosure, this is not me. I’m not the kind of girl who coordinates underwear. I’m more the kind of girl who wears Tuesday underwear on Saturdays and loses Wednesday’s through to Monday’s (don’t ask me how). However, when Kat the Label drops another line of ornate and feminine lingerie I had to rise to the occasion.

The latest collection, Rogues, somehow even tops its debut line. With the re-release of previous best sellers and a culmination of beautiful artisanal details, of which Kate is famous for, it’s almost impossible to pick just one set. Hint: you probably won’t be able to stop at just one. In this shoot I’m wearing the Lemonade Bralette and the Elizabeth bralette + underwear and man, I feel like a woman.

My motto used to be, if you want to be my lover you’ve got to find cotton sexy. Side bar even the appropriation of Spice Girls lyrics didn’t sugar coat the reality for my boyfriend. So heres to me graduating from the cotton-tails and onto delicate matching sets. Now that I have that sorted the next awkward waddle towards self improvement can probably hold off for another six months.

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