Fran Drescher Dressing

Plastic is haute right now.

  • Photography by Alicia Harrison.
  • Model Bailey Jones.
  • Styling by Bailey Jones.

My mother has told this story for as many birthdays as I can remember. Legend has it, as she went into labour with me I rudely coincided with the air time of ‘ The Nanny. ‘ And so, at this momentous time, rather than thinking about all the responsibilities of motherhood or about the god damn pain, the only thing that kept replaying in her head was the theme song from ‘The Nanny’.

“She was working at a bridal shop in flushing Queens until her partner kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes. What was she to do, where was she to go she was out on her fanny…”
It apparently went on and on until I’m guessing the tune became edged in my brain. That’s right, some mothers play baby Mozart to further their child’s intellectual capacity. But my mother’s choice song involved a trashy girl from Queen’s who sits on her bosses desk in a zebra print mini skirt.

And like most children who listened to baby Mozart, I too am partial to my earliest forms of influence. I love the Nanny. While this doesn’t mean I have an elevated response to shapes and colours, it does mean that I know how to work vinyl into an ensemble. You’ll notice it’s not accompanied by three different kinds of animal print. But hey my mother also introduced me to the phrase “less is more” to create some kind of equilibrium (thank you mum.)

I have been mocked for my appreciation of Fran Drescher for some time but I’ve never let this cloud my admiration for her. This is a completely self made woman, who has used her intelligence (alongside her looks and ability to pull off a strapless) to create a career and so I take my hat off to her. Plus she wore Moschino while doing it and so that deserves some praise. I’ve watched as the Grandma Yetta look has come in and slowly gone back out again. Now I think the industry has realised it’s Fine time (those who watch the show will appreciate the pun) that Fran had her moment.

Vinyl isn’t the only trend that’s making an incredible come back, hot pink and animal print also make the list. So get out the VCR (or subscribe to stan) and watch all the Nanny reruns you can because she may be your best modern day style inspiration for right now.

I think perhaps the direction that trends are going in can almost be attributed to that idea of ‘everyone hates it so now I love it.’ Even so, I do believe that vinyl, fuchsia and leopard print can all look amazing. Take this outfit, just a simple white tee (like this gem from Par Femme) and vinyl pants can make the outfit look quite sleek and relaxed rather then gaudy.

So it would appear that Loman’s is now officially the place to be, so get out your feather bower and leopard print and join the party!

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