Fanny Pack Extraordinaire

I love me some vitamin Melanie C

  • Creative Direction by Bailey Jones.
  • Photography by Alicia Harrison.
  • Model Bailey Jones.
  • Styling by Bailey Jones.

I love me some vitamin Melanie C. In this look I’ve done comfort the only way I know how, total ’90s nostalgia via Sporty Spice. Turns out that all you need to spice up your life is add platform sneakers and a fanny-pack. Side note: has anyone ever wondered whether chivsters are secretly really into Melanie C? There are a lot of similarities. If they were a new wave religion, such as Scientology, she would definitely be their Tom Cruise.

I’ve added a sports blazer here (because ya know, sporty chic) but also because it adds structure and refinement to the aesthetic. I think this is important because, though I like the effortless look, I don’t think anyone should really get ready that effortlessly. It conjures up images of unbrushed teeth and skipped showers.

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