The Status Fro

Wide-eyed and bushy-haired.

I have always envied those with Botticellii-esque hair. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Felicity, Sex and The City and Will and Grace but there’s almost something romantic about a neurotic girl with her wild hair getting lost in the big city. I figure all I’ve been missing from being apart of this sisterhood is the big hair (do I make the cut yet?). I like to call this repetitive character algorithm in TV drama/comedy the Status Fro. Whereby the character is granted an identity and an aura of chaos by her unruly locks.

If this post were to be decoded into an onscreen drama it would involve the trials of a misguided country kid with her basket who tries to make it out in the big city. After much struggle and identity crisis, kid finally realises what’s missing in her life. She longs for the sunset fields and Slim the hired hand (who ironically is missing a hand) that she’s still clearly in love with. HBO please form a line behind NBC for this riveting premise.

All jokes aside, this post is honestly just me loving the ‘French Girl’ country chic look, which can be achieved with a basket, gold chains, espadrilles and a wrap dress. I gotta go, Slim the hired hand needs help opening a pickle jar. Au Revoir!

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