Vintage Emporium


  • Creative Direction by Bailey Jones.
  • Photography by bailey jones
  • Model Mia Harrison
  • Styling by Bailey Jones.

Those who know me, know I love vintage. And the truth is, all of my best vintage finds come from the one spot.
The Vintage Emporium in Tyabb is the greatest hidden gem on the Mornington Peninsula and it is well worth the trek to get your hands on some authentic vintage at disturbingly cheap prices.
Due to my vintage obsession, (I make weekly trips to The Vintage Emporium) I have made great friends with the store’s owner Vanessa. And so we’ve finally banded together to work on some pretty exciting collaborations.
I was lucky enough to be given this marv iconic glo-mesh top from the ’80s to shoot on sugar cube, Mia. I tried to capture the way that the top sparkles in the light, it is truly magnificent!

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