going for ‘timelessness’.

  • Creative Direction by Bailey Jones.
  • Photography by Alicia Harrison.
  • Model Bailey Jones.
  • Styling by Bailey Jones.

If my wardrobe were a museum, each garment would be housed in the section that reflects it’s timelessness. The more classic outfits would belong with the Ancient Greek statues, my more contemporary design items would sit alongside the post modern art and then there would be the slightly less revered collection found in the gift shop. Rhinestone studded boob tube and pink speed dealers I’m looking at you.

Nothing against my more zany pieces. However, no one is going to look at me in thirty years wearing said rhinestone boob tube and think “hmm she had great taste.” Trends are fun and some of them become classic looks (see Why Are French Girls So Cool?). Though the timelessness of someone’s aesthetic should never be underestimated.

In the above images I’m wearing some of my favourite go-to classic outfits. You can bet that white blouses, leather skirts, little black dresses, camel coats, button down shirts and pin stripe suit pants will never go out of style. Sure the hair styles and accessories may change but the style of clothing remains the same.

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