Whether you’re a regular sun-worshipper or you’re someone who sits under the A/C praying for it to all be over, summer is coming and with it comes that gnawing question, oh what to wear this summer?

If unlike me you have a life and so don’t spend hours at a time trolling the internet looking at runways and e-boutiques, well then mazel-tov. PS can you include me in this busy schedule so that my wallet doesn’t get such a workout??

The truth is, the internet is a noisy place and GPS tracking and cookies are constantly pushing an agenda and trying to give you what they think you want. But hey, they don’t know your life! You can’t just be figured out by some invasive algorithm. And so, I’m offering up my favourite looks for the season on a silver platter, which you can either take or leave but hopefully I’ve provided some surprises in there that Facebook ads haven’t already tried to show you.