Pink Momento


I realise, that when the guy you’re seeing is surprised that you’re wearing a dress that extends below the knee you may have a little bit of a problem. And I also am aware that altering said dress to have a slit that graces the hem of your underwear, equates to forfeiting the subtlety and class awarded by wearing an elegant vintage dress.

I wouldn’t say that I’m always wearing body con clothing, but hey lets face it, I dress to impress and comfort is merely a quaint notion. If I’m not blistered, callused, strangled or struggling with the environmental conditions then clearly I’m just not dedicated enough. Chic is apparently French for suffering or sacrifice; I forget which one.

Although, having said that; this dress is easily one of the more comfortable in my possession. The equilibrium may just be overthrown by the discomfort of my fancy gold shoes. But I am all for the flounciness (I don’t care that that’s technically not a word they just put an emoji in the dictionary) of the dress. It’s so baggy and long but still a lil’ bit slinky. This is important to me. The lack of coarseness in the fabric allows the shame to roll right off, no abrasion included.

In my opinion there is nothing questionable about my choice to reveal more. It’s not to say that I’m disrespecting the notion that mystery is alluring. I’m merely making an old find more age appropriate. And as long as the neckline isn’t offensive as well, I see no problem with gussying up the bottom for more of a contemporary and ‘on trend’ reconfiguration.

NB: My vintage dress was a find at my favourite vintage store The Vintage Shed Emporium

The denim jacket I piked up for two bucks in Berlin. 🙂