Year 1. Semester 1. Done.

While most would celebrate with a bottle of wine and some Sister Sledge….I save that for a couple nights after. After I’ve successfully allocated most of my budget, where it belongs, the local trail of vintage shops from my house to the bush.

While sitting in the car outside my absolute favourite treasure hut, I prepared myself for what could be an out of control rampage, where clothes were flying on and off me throughout the store (it’s ok they know me here and so we’re like family by this point). But what I was most afraid of was the sudden deficit that would befall my vulnerable bank account.

When I saw it, like some angelic vision – a 50% off sticker….on all lowest marked prices!

The last month may have felt like a long drawn out thread of repeated dooms days but this could only be seen as a deliverance from God.

The coat I’m wearing was an absolute steal at $30 and is proof of a pretty damn good day, so it only feels right that it features in my post assessment post (excuse my prior absence during the madness.)