Wear On Your Date
What To Wear On Your Date

I subscribe to the idea that the best way to dress for a date is to avoid looking like you’ve made an effort. It’s like the visual component of ‘play it cool.’ Don’t get me wrong, you want their chin on the floor but you don’t want them to know you care. Ya know? These kinds of guidelines all live in that elusive realm of sexual politics.

Though, the stakes get even higher when you can’t say for sure if it’s a date you’re actually heading to (which these days can be often.) We’re all too familiar with the ‘let’s meet for a drink thing’ offers and of course if you’ve agreed to get a coffee you can bet it’s at grey area cafe.

So, what does this mean for the getting ready ritual? Well if you’re anything like me it will remain pretty much the same. Wear something flattering with minimal make up, flat shoes and leave only one area of your body exposed. Whether that be legs or back it doesn’t matter just don’t do both!

This shopping edit is a reflection of my archetypal ‘not quite a date’ ensemble. Enjoy!

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