Note: the incident I’m about to describe occurred before I had found the Reformation Jumpsuit. Suffice to say had I been wearing said jumpsuit I never would have been in this mess in the first place.

It occurred as most acts of indecency do – with a perfect cocktail  of aggravating social conditions, liquor and an intense need to use the bathroom. I recall I was in the dingy cubicle of a club at some unholy hour when I was lacking the dexterity to unzip my jumpsuit and free myself of it’s confinements. The dormant bad mood, discomfort and lowered inhibitions caused me to do something I’m not proud of. I cursed jumpsuits. Not just my jumpsuit but all jumpsuits that had ever existed. Convinced that a dress with legs was some kind of sick joke, solely created to give women a permanent wedgie and a possible UTI.

In my mind, jumpsuits were an insane calamity on the modern woman’s wardrobe and must be exposed as such! But as my rage dissipated and my perspective and mobility skills returned I began to reason that not every woman is 5’11” and I’m sure most can get out of a jumpsuit in under two minutes. Perhaps I was at a really dud event or maybe I fell into an alcohol induced state of deliberation but I began to reflect on the origins of the jumpsuit. I realised that it is quite possibly the most boss attire a woman can clad herself in. There were the land girls of the 1940’s, the tanned and leggy babes in the 70s and of course the rave queens of the 80’s in their boilers and permed hair.

And so I salute the jumpsuit/dress with legs! It marks our independence, our acceptance of disco and free love and a girls need to rave!

Reformation have always been renowned for their fit and quality of fabrics and let me tell you – this baby will just further feed into their hype. This jumpsuit is something that I can wear out (to all occasions I might add) and is comfortable enough to wear around the house. Though I think I may abstain from wearing it to a club for a little while at least. Until I learn how to operate a zip when drunk.

Reformation JumpsuitReformation Jumpsuit

Reformation JumpsuitReformation JumpsuitReformation Jumpsuit