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Props to Chanel for inventing the Little Black Dress. Honestly – it’s been a God send to us all. 

Having said that, it’s time for a new archangel to step into the light. 
It’s not that much of a change really, if we’ve learnt anything from Paul McCartney, Ebony and Ivory can live together in perfect harmony. 
So what does the lwd have to offer that the lbd doesn’t?
Well for starters, it’s refreshing on the style palette, both are very well received but there’s something about contrasting the traditional that inevitably generates a stronger statement. 
Moreover, you can wear it all the time. Now before you say the same goes for the little black dress, think about it. What do you think when you hear the words ‘little black dress?’
I think date, I think dancing, I think clubbing….I THINK NIGHT TIME ACTIVITIES. 
But what the change in colour gifts us, is the chance to reinvent the tight fitting God send that highlights only what is good and conceals all that we wish to forget about. 
This is a dress that I can wear on a date and out dancing yes, but I can also wear it to meet the parents, go to lunch, and to the park for drinks. 
I think we all know what this means right? This means that we have finally found the light, compact, durable epitome of the illusive and hard to conquer ‘night to morning look’. 
Y’all are welcome. 

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