80’s – a pretty horrific blip in the fashion stratosphere, no? Oh contraire!

I myself love to dress like a garish, masculine, pretty lady and so leather and a tacky cruise jumpers will always be more than ok by me. Besides, my shoulders always put the power in suit and so if shoulder pads were in fashion I’d fit right in.

Of course I have modified the 80’s aesthetic, with a bit of black eyeliner, functionless zips and one single dangly earring….I mean as if David Bowie could pull off that look 30 years ago [insert tone dripping with sarcasm.]

Call me crazy but I’m always up for an ensemble that dresses down an otherwise glam outfit. Most people would argue it’s perfect for transitioning from work to night seamlessly, but I’m really searching for something that will perfect the night to day look. You know, when you’ve been at an all hours club and stumble out at 8 in the morning…I usually just give business men and women the nonchalant ‘what’s up’ head nod, but it really looks way more effortless and natural when I’m not wearing a sequin halter top.