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Everyone’s always ragging on uniforms saying they suppress individuality. But I myself feel like the way someone wears a strict code of dress says a lot about themselves.

In middle school I used to wear my primary school uniform because I liked the peter pan collar, ribbon tie, gathered waist and the all round ‘cropped’ fit it gave. Ok so I didn’t look like a cast member of gossip girl (who went to the preppiest school in Manhattan and yet were allowed to wear short skirts and heels to school) but never let rational thinking get in the way of good on set styling. Anyway, people thought/outwardly expressed that I looked like a dork but I thought I was onto pure gold. N.B. I was terminally single in high school, shhh….

Once I completely grew out of my 6th grade ensemble, high school got a lot less interesting. Sure there were more parties and more responsibilities but in my opinion education lost it’s lustre. So now that I’m at university studying fashion and I have nothing but the freedom and encouragement to push the boundaries with dress I miss the simplicity of being given limitations and reworking them to my advantage.

So here I am, in one of my ideal high school uniforms… probably reason enough to be barred from all authoritarian roles involving education.