If you’re anything like me then you’re a compulsive travel planner. I’m constantly ‘heading’ this place and that but rarely ever do. I’m currently optioning another trip to Europe mid year 2018 (we’ll see if it actually happens.) So in keeping with my usual form I’ve already started turning to my reliable modes of travel inspiration. Music, films, Instagram and Pinterest are my go-to’s and of course there’s the summer line. Which is probably why I never get around to traveling because I blow my budget on my dream travel wardrobe. Anyhow, below I have included my favourite travel movies, Instagrams and my latest dream vacation  wardrobe. Plus a soundtrack because I always like to imagine I’m in a scored film when walking around foreign cities. I’m weird, go with it.


TALENTED MR RIPLEY = Matt Daman + Jude Law + Capri = so much eye candy it'll give your eye a tooth ache (that was a weird sentence.) Plus it has Gwen Paltrow and we love her. The creepy undertone of this movie can be a bit off putting at times but the scenery alone makes it worth a watch.
STEALING BEAUTY = If you want to know where Realisation Par got some of it's initial inspiration then you've come to the right place. This film includes a young Liv Tyler residing in picturesque Tuscany, making friends with some eccentric but beautiful people.
ONLY YOU = This film chronicles a desperate woman's search for love in Italy. Luckily her desperation leads to her traveling far and wide which broadens the scope of places to see. Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr star in this sweet and light story.
MIDNIGHT IN PARIS = I'm sure you've probably seen this film before but if you haven't it definitely captures the allure of Paris. Hemingway is there which is kinda cool.
COPENHAGEN = This film captures the unlikely friendship between a mature beyond her years 14 year old and a self serving man child. Though the plot is a little unusual the girl is incredibly endearing. And it is all set in beautiful Copenhagen, which I'm really dying to go to.
LA DOLCE VITA = Dolce, dolce, dolce. If you haven't seen this film before then it's definitely worth a watch (regardless of whether you're looking to travel anytime soon.) It features possibly two of the most beautiful women of all time in 1960's Rome.
A GOOD YEAR = A beautiful film set at a chateau on a vineyard in the Provence. It has a really beautiful soundtrack and Marion Cotillard is one of the main characters (score.)
BEFORE SUNRISE = Feeding into all of our fantasies, this film is about two like minded strangers who meet on a train heading to Vienna and have an instant connection. It's the first film of Richard Linklater's trilogy - Before Sunset is also worth watching (I didn't care for the third.) It's a slow moving film but I personally could watch Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy shoot the breeze in a historical city for hours.





UP NEXT = Paris