French Girl

It would appear that French isn’t the only language you have to master when in France. There’s also the visual tongue that they have been fluent in since fashion dissemination was as sophisticated as a miniature doll that was sent around to each royal court. The world has looked to Paris for style inspiration since crinolines were the rage and it would appear that little has changed in the past 300 years. Though we’ve traded bustles for brogues and fine linens for Levi’s, we’re still attributing the coolest styles to the influence of the French.

The internet has thousands of articles dedicated to French girl secrets – hell Caroline De Maigret even got a book deal on the premise. I know this because I’ve read them all and frantically logged all of the new ways to be French in my diary. And after buying the whicker basket, white blouses, original Levi’s and gold jewellery, I’m still trying to figure out how to be French. It would appear that this ‘Je ne sais quoi’ quality they all possess does not come as a free gift with purchase when you buy a pair of espadrilles.

I’m not saying you have to be French to be cool. Hundreds of fabulous Instagram accounts will attest to the fact. However, there is something that is just so appealing about them, that makes me wonder whether it is actually cultural rather than aesthetic. Perhaps it’s their nonchalance, or their high brow appreciation for performing arts, their assuredness of their opinions or maybe even their uncomplicated coffee orders and ability to experience their meals rather than hurry through them. Perhaps what we need is a crash course in how to be cultured. *Quick somebody switch off the Will & Grace marathon and hand me something by Simone De Beauvoir.*

Thus, my suggestion to fellow Francophile’s is to go straight to the source. Track down the French girls and get inspiration directly from them. Because I’m telling you, you’ll probably absorb the ‘joie de vivre’ from them rather then a shopping list.

Voulez vous a list of instagram accounts to follow? Then look below!

French Girl French Girl French Girl French Girl French Girl French Girl French Girl French Girl

  • Camille Rowe

    The ultimate it girl (who also happens to be a babing Victoria’s Secret Model)
  • Adenorah

    Adenorah is one of my favourite French Girl’s to go to for outfit inspiration. The girl rocks a body suit and designs a mean shoe!
  • Jeanne Damas

    Founder of dream label ‘Rouje’ this girl is the epitome of chic French girl.
  • Camille Charriere

    Although she now resides in London, Cami is a French girl for life. Her podcasts ‘Fashion No Filter’ is the most informative fashion podcast I have ever heard!
  • Garance Dore

    Founder of Atelier Dore as well as a talented author and illustrator. Listen to Man Repeller’s podcast featuring her, she is an incredibly appealing and interesting person!
  • Caroline De Maigret

    The Queen of ‘how to be French’ guides. Read her book, watch her videos and certainly follow her on instagram.
  • Louise Follain

    This girl is a classic French beauty, with killer style to boot (of course).