Two years into my university degree and I’m already dreaming of power shoulders and the sensible mid heel that comes with a preordained work appropriate outfit. Though, I’ve started to wonder how much of our own personal style is supposed to shine through at work. I mean is the purpose of workwear to be treated as a professional – and if so, does individuality jeopardise our professional credibility? I think not, as I’m a strong believer that our clothing is the visual tongue of our identity and therefore must represent our capabilities. Especially in a creative profession.

But even still, creative or not, I believe that society is becoming far more personable and that this is something to be celebrated. I mean of course I’m not suggesting bootie shorts and braided hair would go down well in a law firm but I think perhaps we are approaching a more casual workplace culture. Thank the IT guys in Silicon Valley and all of those free yoga classes some lovely bosses doll out. Perhaps it’s as simple as picking your battles. With the right blazer, shoes and bag almost any outfit looks sophisticated and so, depending on your job swap in suit pants and blouses or if things are a little more liberal maybe take your chances with a slightly fitted black pair of levi’s. If you’re lucky enough to get away with this you have been gifted the day to night outfit and that is worth all of the free yoga you can imagine.

Jacket: Vintage Saba
Jeans: Levis 501
Top: Bardot top Here
Shoes: Trent Nathan