Personal style


Best Of The 80’s.

80's - a pretty horrific blip in the fashion stratosphere, no? Oh contraire! I myself love to dress like a garish, masculine, pretty lady and so leather and a tacky cruise jumpers will always be more than ok by me. Besides, my shoulders always put the power in suit and so if shoulder pads were

Velvet Underground

Year 1. Semester 1. Done. While most would celebrate with a bottle of wine and some Sister Sledge….I save that for a couple nights after. After I’ve successfully allocated most of my budget, where it belongs, the local trail of vintage shops from my house to the bush. While sitting in…

Keep Up.

I would call myself an ambitious person for sure, and yet when I look back on all my career goals – I’ve found that the central focus of each plan lies with New York. In truth I’m pretty obsessed with the notion of getting there. And so when…

Lifes a pitch

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder what exhausts me more about the working week – the work itself, or the professional persona we’re expected to adopt from hours 9am-5pm? We must accept the nature of the working world and respectfully flatter the ego’s of our authority figures, whilst also compartmentalising…