Personal style


The Status Fro

I have always envied those with Botticellii-esque hair. Maybe I've been watching too much Felicity, Sex and The City and Will and Grace but there's almost something romantic about a neurotic girl with her wild hair getting lost in the big city. I figure all I've been missing from being apart of this sisterhood is

Classic Outfits

If my wardrobe were a museum, each garment would be housed in the section that reflects it’s timelessness.  The more classic outfits would belong with the Ancient Greek statues, my more contemporary design items would sit alongside the post modern art and then there would be the slightly less revered collection…

Fancy Ass Lady

Two years into my university degree and I’m already dreaming of power shoulders and the sensible mid heel that comes with a preordained work appropriate outfit. Though, I’ve started to wonder how much of our own personal style is supposed to shine through at work. I mean is the purpose…