Beyond Her

Dress | BeyondHer Tee | BeyondHer Suit | Vintage Strapless Top | BeyondHer Toile Pants | Homemade Belt | BeyondHer Blazer | Vintage New brand on the block, Beyond Her, has just dropped it’s debut collection and it’s incredible. Stocked exclusively at Glue Store, you just know that this brand…

fake fur
This fake fur jacket is competing for first place as 'my favourite item.' Truth be told I've bought a lot of fur jackets in my time. Please vegans, put down your pitchforks! I've always bought vintage and so justified that the animal is already long gone. #thriftshopperlife However, I've recently discovered the splendours of wearing
I'm a gal who loves vintage. That's not to say I fantasise about wearing full skirts and going to bed with rollers in my hair. But I definitely have an appreciation for fine fabrics, craftsmanship and low prices (whoops did that just slip out?). I think the trick with wearing vintage is all in the
Wrap Dress
I have always envied those with Botticellii-esque hair. Maybe I've been watching too much Felicity, Sex and The City and Will and Grace but there's almost something romantic about a neurotic girl with her wild hair getting lost in the big city. I figure all I've been missing from being apart of this sisterhood is