Sporty Spice

I love me some vitamin Melanie C. In this look I’ve done comfort the only way I know how, total ’90s nostalgia via Sporty Spice. Turns out that all you need to spice up your life is add platform sneakers and a fanny-pack. Side note: has anyone ever wondered whether…

My Genuine Love For Fake Fur.

This fake fur jacket is competing for first place as 'my favourite item.' Truth be told I've bought a lot of fur jackets in my time. Please vegans, put down your pitchforks! I've always bought vintage and so justified that the animal is already long gone. #thriftshopperlife However, I've recently discovered the splendours of wearing

Reworked Vintage

I'm a gal who loves vintage. That's not to say I fantasise about wearing full skirts and going to bed with rollers in my hair. But I definitely have an appreciation for fine fabrics, craftsmanship and low prices (whoops did that just slip out?). I think the trick with wearing vintage is all in the

The Status Fro

I have always envied those with Botticellii-esque hair. Maybe I've been watching too much Felicity, Sex and The City and Will and Grace but there's almost something romantic about a neurotic girl with her wild hair getting lost in the big city. I figure all I've been missing from being apart of this sisterhood is